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Birthday Giveaway!

So hey! As it is my birthday today, I am giving away 4 tickets!
So there will be 2 winners picked at random with Rafflecopter and they both each have two tickets and two bubbletea as well.

That’s right, we are also giving away 4 bubbleteas!

I will end the giveaway around 10 this evening.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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It’s Cheemchi’s birthday!

Just before you know it, a year went by already!

Even though we started posting in English in February, it was in Dutch, exactly a year ago.

It all started when I knew Eat Your Kimchi was coming to the Netherlands again as I was working for Hallyucon. At that moment I started to form an idea about starting a blog where I could talk about Korean/Japanese restaurants, stores and the like in the Netherlands, but it turned out to be so much more. Even though I stopped for a while, I wanted to start all over again with someone by my side, that someone became Charlotte!


Old and new

10510183_10203068239165845_1879386504_n Poster-ideee

Since last year, besides a new member and the language, the logo has changed, we post three times a week (two posts about things and one event) and we have met a lot of awesome people.

As we already came this far, ...

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