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My vacation routine

It’s summer and some of you will be on vacation. I’m writing this in the car to our destination in France as we speak. So I have some time to write for you. 

We all know how important skin care is. If you are on vacation and you don’t have the ‘time’ for it, here is my quick skincare routine.


In the morning I wash my face with soap. When you sleep, your skin will repair itself and when this process happens, it also produces dirt. Also your pillowcase has also a lot of dirt on it. After I washed my face I spray some tonic. This is the tea tree tonic from The Body Shop. In the summer I have a more oilier skin because of the heat and the sweat. Tea tree oil has a very curing element to it. So my skin will be super soft and will stay less oilier through the whole day...

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Beauty: BB Cream

BB Cream is a well known cream in Korea, used by many artists. But what exactly makes this cream so good? And why is everyone using it? We’re gonna explain it! 


So first things first. What is BB Cream exactly? The BB stands for Blemish Balm and it’s promoted to be an All in one facial product to replace serums, moisturizers, primers, foundation and sunblock. It can be used in different methods. As a foundation, a make up base, it just depends on how much coverage you want.

It all started in Germany, back in 1960. a German dermatologist, called dr. Christine, created this cream to protect her patients’ sin after facial peels and surgeries.

It’s popularity started in Asia. Most Korean woman use it as a alternative for foundation...

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Charlotte Reviews: Memebox website

This week I will be reviewing the Memebox site, as I promised in the last post. So here it is!

memebox site is a website that sells theme boxes with Korean products. Those boxes contain Korean makeup, skin care, brushes and more products from a different price ranges.

You have two sorts of boxes. You have the super boxes with full size products. Then you have the memebox with smaller size products. All boxes has it’s own theme.

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Charlotte Reviews: Memebox

This week I have a video for you about Memebox.
A Memebox contains Korean makeup, skin care, brushes and more products with various price ranges.

Review about their website is coming soon!

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