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Charlotte’s Manwha recommendations

Some of you know I read a lot of manga.

And I also read manhwa, which I prefer to read. So I decided to write about some manwha’s you maybe don’t know.

Family manFamilyman

This manwha is about a father (Gang-ho) who worked like a horse and slept only 3 hours a day to support his family. There was a fire at the workplace and he helped alot of his coworkers and got burned. He got fired from his work and he couldn’t show his face to his family anymore. He struggled a lot because he still wants to protect his family, so he decided to wear the costume of superhero, “Guru-man” to help his childeren. This manwha has a lot of drama in it and made me cry a bit. It’s really sad and also heartwarming to see how he is dealing with all the stuff. If you want to know how it’s ends click here.

Can’t see can’t h...

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Asian Tour in France, Muffy on Vacation !

Hello everybody !

How is/was your summer vacation?

Well, mine was very good! On my vacation, I always search for Japanese or Korean stuff and since a few years they have a lot of anime. Back then I was really surprised to see something from Naruto. From that it started to grow bigger and bigger. So I want to talk with you what I discovered this year.

Every year I go on search for Anime, Japanese or Kpop related magazines. If you want find some you will have to go a shop which sells magazines and sometimes at the Hypermarch√©. Search in the ‘teenager’ section ( I think it’s called adolescent there) and you will find Japan and Anime related magazines.


In the supermarché you find more Japan/Anime related things...

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