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Noblesse Korean Animation VS Anime

In the post before, we talked about one of my favorite manwha: Noblesse. What makes this manwha even more special, is that there is a Korean Animation (OVA) and a 30-minute short anime of it. I saw them both and here is my review about it.

Korean Animation

Rai in the Korean OVA

In my opinion, I think that the Korean OVA could be much better in many ways. I really like the story. It tells you more about the relationship between Rai and Muzuka and why they are enemies now. The animation looks pretty old if you compare it with the anime, but that isn’t the bad part. I really don’t like the voice actors that they used. This made the whole story quite boring for me...

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Charlotte’s Manwha recommendations

Some of you know I read a lot of manga.

And I also read manhwa, which I prefer to read. So I decided to write about some manwha’s you maybe don’t know.

Family manFamilyman

This manwha is about a father (Gang-ho) who worked like a horse and slept only 3 hours a day to support his family. There was a fire at the workplace and he helped alot of his coworkers and got burned. He got fired from his work and he couldn’t show his face to his family anymore. He struggled a lot because he still wants to protect his family, so he decided to wear the costume of superhero, “Guru-man” to help his childeren. This manwha has a lot of drama in it and made me cry a bit. It’s really sad and also heartwarming to see how he is dealing with all the stuff. If you want to know how it’s ends click here.

Can’t see can’t h...

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